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Q: How do I cancel my Subscription?

If you joined using CCBill: you can go directly to CCBill Customer Service to cancel.

If you have problems canceling you can email us at admin@ashleyrenee.com, however please send your cancellation notice at least 3 days prior to your re-bill date and you MUST let us know which company you joined with!

Q: I keep getting a denial when I try to join, what's wrong?

If you have performed a chargeback on another website using the same billing company you are located in that companies "negative database".  You will not be able to join ANY website with that billing company as you fall into high risk for credit card fraud. Or you may simply be in a country that the billing company will not allow.

You must join using a different company, which is why we offer more than one choice for joining.

Q: I use AOL, how come I have trouble with your members area?

We hate to tell you that AOL is absolutely the WORST browser to use if you plan on looking at membership sites. They change IP numbers every time you click on a link so it looks like you are more than one person when you access the members area (which causes most security systems to deny you access). DO NOT USE THE AOL BROWSER, instead use a browser outside of the AOL program such as Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Q: I keep getting an error when I try to access the members area, can you fix it?

If you get an error page when you try to login, please note the error message located in the lower left corner and send it in email to admin@ashleyrenee.com and we will work on the problem for you.

NOTE: If your username & password have been found to be on username/password sharing lists your login information will not be reactivated until at least your password has been changed. We do realize that this often happens because people use the same login information for multiple sites, but we cannot allow them to remain active for your use. We will choose new login information for you and send it by email. You must put a valid email address when you join to be able to get your new password in case of PSW change.

Q: I downloaded the video clips but now I can't play them, what's wrong?

The video clips in the member's area are zipped with WinZip. You must unzip the files before you can play them using Windows Media Player or Real Media.

Trying to get the video's to play directly from the website will no longer work since they are put into zip files now. Winzip, Windows Media Player and RealMedia have free versions, so you do not have to purchase any new software if you don't want to.

If you get an error trying to unzip the file, you need to re-download the zipfile and make sure it is complete.  You will get a CRC error if the zipfile is not complete.

Q: My question isn't here... so what do I do now?

Email Support at admin@ashleyrenee.com


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